Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

So I’ve decided to try blogging…here I go!

Every year for the past 6 years my friends and I have celebrated Thanksgiving together in early November.  I usually host the party at my place (which at one point was a tiny 1br/1ba apartment), but this year Brian (husband) and I wanted to have a Halloween party instead, so Kellie (BFF) took over hosting duties this year.  Our Halloween party was fun, but Friend Thanksgiving is always my favorite!  Everyone brings a dish to share, I handle the turkey, and usually there is a special adult beverage of some sort (Pumpkin Pie Martinis in the past, this year we had Julie’s Evil Apple).

I take my turkey pretty seriously.  I’ve watched Alton Brown’s Romancing the Bird special at least a million times, and I’ve never once had a turkey turn out anything less than perfect……until this year.  This year I made the mistake of not thawing my turkey out thoroughly before brining it.  That meant that the brine wasn’t able to do its job 100%, the turkey took a good bit longer to cook than it normally does, and the result was a slightly dry turkey.  Sad day for Kristen :(

Despite the dry turkey, Friend Thanksgiving was a hit!  The Evil Apple was probably my favorite culinary part of this year’s celebration.  We had plenty of turkey leftover, as always (my eyes are always bigger than our collective stomachs when I’m at Publix), so I planned to make a Turkey Pot Pie with the leftovers.  So…another side story (sorry)…I recently watched Food Inc and promptly signed up for a biweekly delivery of organic fruits and veggies through Nature’s Garden Delivered.  Last Thursday my first box arrived packed full of bananas, broccoli, red cabbage, romaine lettuce, onions, pears, purple potatoes (so cool!), sweet potatoes, and grape tomatoes.  I’m in veggie heaven, while Brian is just struggling to survive (not a veggie fan).

So last night I made Turkey Pot Pie (finally…I’m getting around to the entire point of this post).  It was AMAZING!  Seriously the best pot pie I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Husband confirmed its amazingness, and even asked for seconds.  I didn’t decide to write about this until after the pie had been prepped, baked, served and eaten so I only have pics of the finished product (with slices already cut out and devoured).  Sorry.  I’ll get better at this, I promise.

Without further ado….I present to you TURKEY POT PIE!

- turkey (duh)
- pie crust (I use the frozen kind that you unroll)
- cream of mushroom soup…I like the mostly fat free kind (I’m sure cream of chicken would be fine, too)
- veggies.  No really…just whatever you have handy.  I used red cabbage, sweet onion, purple potatoes, fresh broccoli, and a bag of frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas, and green beans).

I started with prepping my veggies and building the “insides” of the pot pie, so I didn’t preheat the oven until later.  I diced the onion first and sauteed it with some olive oil for a couple minutes on medium heat, then I added the chopped red cabbage, broccoli, and cubed purple potatoes.  Nothing was cut precisely since it was all going into a pie, anyway.  No need to get fancy about it.  It’s turkey pot pie, y’all.

Once my fresh veggies had a few minutes (maybe 10 minutes on low heat) to get to know each other, I tossed in the bag of frozen veggies, put the lid on it, and started chopping up turkey.  I just pulled some pieces off and roughly chopped them into cubes…nothing fancy.  I tossed the turkey in the pot, then immediately added some cream of mushroom soup.  Now, I ended up adding a whole can…..a whole GIANT can.  Not a regular can.  This was a can designed for a large family, and not a two person/one pup household.  I was aiming for leftovers to freeze, so don’t judge me.  Anyway, I added the soup until the consistency seemed about right.  I didn’t want a soupy pie, but you do whatever you want.  I put the lid on it, and started prepping my pie crusts.  I’d explain how to use them, but it says on the box so just read that.

Once my pie crust was situated and ready to be filled, I did a last check on my filling.  The #1 most important step in cooking anything at all is to TASTE IT.  Not when it is done….while you are cooking it.  Now obviously that is difficult with something like a steak, but we are working with pot pie here so no whining.  I tasted my filling and honestly it was delicious as it was, but I ended up adding a bit of cayenne pepper and fresh ground black pepper because I love them.   Stir to combine.  Pour into crust.  Oh…crap.  At some point you should have preheated the oven to whatever degrees the pie box says.  I believe it was 450, but read your pie crust box to be sure.  Okay, so back to pouring the filling into the crust.  Just pour it in, smooth it out, and lay your top crust on it.  Make sure not to fill it allllll the way to the edge, or you won’t have any way to crimp your crust.  The top crust needs to be crimped to the bottom crust.  I just sort of smooshed them together with my fingers and tried to make it look pretty, but I don’t think there is much you can do to mess this part up.  Now…..stick it in the oven!

I think I baked my pie for about 15 minutes, then checked it and it needed 5 more (so 20 minutes total, in case math isn’t your thing).  I would suggest checking it to make sure it doesn’t burn, though.  Don’t open the oven door, but that’s like Cooking and Baking 101, right?

Here is a pic of the finished pie:

And that is officially my first blog ever.  Yeah!